The Fluid Fix Services


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Pure Hydration: $100

Packed with hydrating electrolytes, this infusion ensures a simple yet effective way to revitalize your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Energizer: $165

If you're seeking an energy boost, our Energizer drip is the perfect choice! It combines 1000mL Sodium Chloride, Vitamin B-complex for metabolism enhancement, Vitamin C to fortify the immune system, and Magnesium for increased energy. You will be feeling revitalized in no time with this powerhouse drip! Perfect adders to this drip for an energy boost are MIC+B12, Mineral Blend, and Amino Blend!

Prenatal Bliss: $165

Embracing the beauty of pregnancy while addressing the challenges that come with it. Pregnancy is a remarkable journey, but it can leave you feeling fatigued and nauseous. Our Prenatal Bliss IV is thoughtfully crafted with a blend of B vitamins, and 1000mL Sodium Chloride to replenish your energy levels, combat fatigue, nausea, increase productions of blood cells and enhance your well-being during this special time.

NAd+ bag

NAD+: From $175 - $250

Pricing for NAD+: $175 for 175 mg or $250 for 250 mg

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme found in all living cells and has even been called an anti-aging molecule because of the many important roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan.

Benefits: Improves Cognitive Function, DNA Repair, Boosts Organ Function, Enhances Athletic Performance, Fights Inflammation, Helps with Depression  & Anxiety, Aids Weight Loss 

Myers Cocktail: $189

Are you new to IV therapy and feeling uncertain about where to begin? Dr. John Myers IV cocktail is a great place to start! The Myers cocktail is a comprehensive blend infused with 1000mL Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, B-complex and add boost of Glutathione for extra immune support! The Myers cocktail can be used as supportive care for a wide range of conditions such as, chronic fatigue syndrome, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, fibromyalgia and many more.

Endurance Boost: $160

Unleash your body's full potential with our Endurance Boost infusion, meticulously curated for comprehensive recovery. This IV drip combines 1000mL Sodium Chloride, a mineral blend, magnesium, and B-complex, to support muscle repair, increase muscle mass, increase cardiovascular function, reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and enhance overall well-being. Add on B12, Amino Blend, and Glutathione to help enhance your performance!

Migraine Relief: $160

A combination of magnesium and B vitamins to help relieve the tension and pressure caused by migraines. Studies have shown magnesium significantly relieves acute migraines within 15-45 minutes.  Do not hesitate to get relief with this drip!

Fat Burner: $170

If you’re looking to jump start your weight loss journey look no further than the Fat Burner Infusion and MIC+B12 injection! Fat Burner infusion combines, 1000mL Sodium Chloride, Amino Acids and Vitamin B-complex as the perfect mix to carry away fats from your cells and burn them for energy. As an added bonus, it can boost your mood and help you control your appetite. Add on a push of Glutathione to help burn off fat cells by removing toxins from the body!

Immunity Boost: $165

Under the weather or in need of an immunity boost? Whether you're battling the flu, a stomach virus, or just seeking an extra layer of defense, I’ve got you covered!  Elevate your defenses with our Immunity Boost Wellness IV! Immerse yourself in a powerful blend of immune-boosting ingredients, including 1000mL Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Zinc and electrolytes! Add on extra boosts of immunity with Glutathione, B vitamins, and Tri-immune boost (zinc, glutathione and vitamin c).

Happy Hour Rescue: $165

The ultimate revival with our Happy Hour Rescue IV! Packed with 1000mL Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Magnesium and a Mineral Blend, this infusion is your shortcut to feeling revitalized after an extended night out! Add on Glutathione and Vitamin B-complex to enhance your detoxification drip!

Beauty Blend: $165

Support your natural beauty from the inside out. Indulge in a luxurious blend of 1000mL Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Mineral Blend, Zinc with the option to add Glutathione to detoxify and Biotin and Vitamin B-complex for cell growth and strengthens hair, skin and nails, leaving you feeling revitalized and radiant. 

Looking for a drip that you are not seeing on our menu? Don’t hesitate to reach out, our team of Physicians and Pharmacists are happy to assist in curating a IV drip specifically for you!


*Stay tuned for the introduction of Semaglutide and Aesthestics to our services*